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New publication on conspiracy and democracy!

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I’ve recently published a special issue of Critical Review, in which a group of political theorists reflect on the place of conspiracy and conspiracy theory in democratic politics.

Our former guest on the project, Lawrence Quill, has a piece based on his successful lecture on Technological Conspiracies.

I’ve written an introductory essay as well as an article on Friedrich Hayek. He might seem like the anti-conspiracy-theorist of society. And indeed he is. But wait til you see what he thinks of democracy.

David Singh Grewal argues that conspiracy theories can be understood as an attempt to make sense of a world in which power increasingly moves through networks.

Russell Muirhead and Nancy Rosenblum make an argument about the need for democratic leadership in telling truth to conspiracy, which seems particularly relevant in light of the current US election campaign.

Richard Tuck, in Cartels and Conspiracies, explores the strange disappearance of the language of conspiracy from a domain in which for several centuries it was pivotal: that of cartels and combinations of capital and labour.

And Joanne Miller and Kyle Saunders review the book by former visitors to our project Joseph Parent and Joseph Uscinski, American Conspiracy Theories.