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Technological Conspiracies

On Tuesday Lawrence Quill gave a public lecture on Technological Conspiracies. It was creative, thought-provoking, and opened with a charming advert for a family robot. We’ll post a video of the lecture here soon, but in the meantime here’s a text of the comments I gave after the talk, where I raised some questions about technology, […]

11 June 2015
Surveillance and fact-checking
Surveillance and fact-checking

Two richly interesting pieces in the most recent New Yorker, both of them touching on conspiracy and democracy themes. ‘The Whole Haystack’ by Mattathias Schwartz tells the story of Basaaly Moalin, the only person successfully prosecuted for terrorism offences in the US using evidence collected by the meta-data trawls of phone and email records now […]

24 January 2015