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Hitler and the Nazis Were High on Drugs – a Theory for the Age of ‘Alternative Facts’

When we began our project in 2013, we thought it was a mainly academic enterprise, but with the Brexit and US Presidential election campaigns it gained public significance. The world has entered the era of ‘post-truth’ and ‘alternative facts’ in which conspiracy theories have become part of the international currency of ‘fake news’ on the […]

30 May 2017
“Denial”: how to deal with a conspiracy theory in the era of ‘post-truth’

I only have a very small part in the film Denial compared to those of David Irving (played by Timothy Spall), Richard Rampton QC (played by Tom Wilkinson), Anthony Julius (played by Andrew Scott), and Professor Deborah Lipstadt (played by Rachel Weisz), but I like to think it’s an important one. When Irving sued Deborah […]

15 February 2017
‘Tell a lie and find a troth’ – 6 Feb 2013 Reading Group

We discussed two texts today, Himmler’s Poznan speech and Francis Bacon’s ‘Of Simulation and Concealment’. Himmler’s speech was interesting from a number of perspectives, including the fact that by openly discussing the Nazi aim to eradicate the Jews, Himmler in effect implicated all the SS members present in the conspiracy whether they had participated in it or […]

6 February 2013