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Technological Conspiracies

On Tuesday Lawrence Quill gave a public lecture on Technological Conspiracies. It was creative, thought-provoking, and opened with a charming advert for a family robot. We’ll post a video of the lecture here soon, but in the meantime here’s a text of the comments I gave after the talk, where I raised some questions about technology, […]

11 June 2015
Of Cynics and Conspiracy Theorists

What separates cynics from conspiracy theorists? When people use the language of conspiracy it’s not always clear exactly what sort of conspiracy they have in mind. In this post we analyse the data from our opinion poll to explore how respondents talk about hidden power.

23 February 2015
Are conspiracy theories for complete losers?
Are conspiracy theories for complete losers?

Conspiracy theories are not the preserve of the US: Brits are as likely – indeed perhaps marginally more – to believe at least one conspiracy theory than the Americans. This is one of the findings from …

18 February 2015
Conspiracy Poll Results

On the 3rd and 4th February 2015, YouGov polled a representative sample of 1749 adults across Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales – no Northern Ireland) for a conspiracy theory survey we co-authored with YouGov. The data can be browsed interactively below.

Mapping comment threads
Mapping comment threads

For some time now the project has had a side-interest in commenting behaviour on on-line news articles. Who talks to whom? What sorts of dynamics emerge? What determines the comment structure: the order in which comments are displayed? Anonymous commenting? At some point in the hopefully not too distant future, Alfred, John, and I will […]

10 February 2015
Crude conspiracies?

A common feature of some kinds of conspiracy theory is a claim that the ostensible motives of states when they intervene in the affairs of others are in fact not the ‘real’ motives.  Thus the assertion that the US and the UK went to war in Iraq not because of genuine fears that the Saddam […]

31 January 2015
European Conspiracy Theories
European Conspiracy Theories

Helped by our friends at YouGov, we are in the process of conducting a poll in the UK, soon to be followed by a number of European countries. We hope the results will shed light on the factors associated with belief in conspiracy theories. What is more important: religion, party system, levels of education, political engagement, or distance from the locus of power?

30 January 2015