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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Crude conspiracies?

A common feature of some kinds of conspiracy theory is a claim that the ostensible motives of states when they intervene in the affairs of others are in fact not the ‘real’ motives.  Thus the assertion that the US and the UK went to war in Iraq not because of genuine fears that the Saddam […]

31 January 2015
European Conspiracy Theories
European Conspiracy Theories

Helped by our friends at YouGov, we are in the process of conducting a poll in the UK, soon to be followed by a number of European countries. We hope the results will shed light on the factors associated with belief in conspiracy theories. What is more important: religion, party system, levels of education, political engagement, or distance from the locus of power?

30 January 2015
A Most Argentine Affair?
A Most Argentine Affair?

‘I have no evidence’, wrote Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, ‘but no doubts either’. So the president of Argentina announced on Facebook and her website her conviction that Alberto Nisman, special prosecutor for the AMIA bomb attack of 1994, had not committed suicide on Sunday 19th January but had been the victim of a political murder plot.

29 January 2015
So what does lie behind the deficit-reduction mania?

This belongs in the “I’m-not-a-conspiracy-theorist-but..” department.  I’ve been reading an interesting blog post by Simon Wren-Lewis, the Oxford economist, who is as puzzled by the apparent illogicality of the Coalition’s current economic policies as I am.  He writes: I have searched hard to find a macroeconomic rationale for Osborne’s policy stance. A belief that QE […]

26 January 2015
Surveillance and fact-checking
Surveillance and fact-checking

Two richly interesting pieces in the most recent New Yorker, both of them touching on conspiracy and democracy themes. ‘The Whole Haystack’ by Mattathias Schwartz tells the story of Basaaly Moalin, the only person successfully prosecuted for terrorism offences in the US using evidence collected by the meta-data trawls of phone and email records now […]

24 January 2015