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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Rhinos or Bangladeshis? The Paranoid Style of the Hindu Right

My Historian colleagues assure me that conspiracy theories run high around the time of revolutions. Going by the feverish profusion of conspiracy theories in India currently, they must also exponentially multiply just before national elections. Another day I will write of the comical and, probably, more-or-less harmless ones. Right now I want to focus on […]

31 March 2014
Aesthetics of conspiracy theories

Nice blog post by a pseudonymous colleague (whose identity is not so secret that he cannot be unmasked after a few moments of assiduous link-following!) He (for it is a he — or perhaps one should say ‘an he’) postulates six rules for a well-formed CT: Rule 1. Lack of evidence proves that there is […]

18 March 2014