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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory Definitions
Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory Definitions

CONSPIRACIES A conspiracy, according to the dictionary, is a group of two or more people who get together for some criminal or illegal purpose (it is thus different from a plot, which is the plan that the conspirators draw up). It follows that it naturally has to be secret, though this isn’t a central part […]

20 February 2013
‘Tell a lie and find a troth’ – 6 Feb 2013 Reading Group

We discussed two texts today, Himmler’s Poznan speech and Francis Bacon’s ‘Of Simulation and Concealment’. Himmler’s speech was interesting from a number of perspectives, including the fact that by openly discussing the Nazi aim to eradicate the Jews, Himmler in effect implicated all the SS members present in the conspiracy whether they had participated in it or […]

6 February 2013